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Lanny Forrester

Lanny Forrester On Business Process Management


 Lanny ForresterBusiness process management is all about realigning a business’s process flow in order to promote efficiencies and reduce wastage. Business process management (BPM) is a codified way of improving business practices, and it is especially useful because it uses metrics to show executives and managers concrete steps they can take to improve their business. One operations executive who uses business process management at his workplace is Lanny Forrester.


He uses ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is basically a method of creating a company-wide technological infrastructure that integrates information from different departments to improve the speed, efficiency, and reliability of business processes.


While ERP can be used to improve the process mappings of a company on an all-encompasing scale, Lanny Forrester finds it particularly useful for customer relationship management, project management, and financial/accounting data management. Lanny Forrester believes that integration is the basis for the effective implementation of an ERP system—without automated connectivity as a solid cornerstone, the rest of the system is rendered ineffective.


One of the benefits of effective ERP system is customizable reporting, which can be useful for executives, managers, and consultants who want a quick overview of a specific aspect of a company’s activities. Lanny Forrester took this capability a step further and uses automating reporting to help him stay abreast of his company’s operations.


Technology is getting more and more sophisticated, and Lanny Forrester urges managers on all levels of their organization to think about how they can use new software to promote best business practices in their companies.


Lanny Forrester is one of the famous operations executives, who are able to handle Business process management (BPM) in an efficient manner. He has a special set of practices for improving the business practices, which will eventually assist the managers and executives in improving their performance.


He is a disciplined person and is known to maintain a Professional Journal Online. His journal reveals that he has been using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to integrate information from different departments in the company, in order to improve the speed, performance and reliability of the business process.


He has been appointed as the National Managing Director for one of the leading company in the country.  Lanny Forrester is an expert in managing data and his years of experience in the industry prove it. He is also known to be a Philanthropist and has done contributions to local charity firms. Lanny is a firm believer of technology and relies heavily on it.


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